Best Tourist places in Patagonia to visit in October 2021

Puerto Madryn Tourism

Puerto Madryn is located in the Golfo Nuevo in the province of Chubut. Puerto Madryn is one of the most important cities in southern Argentina.
Puerto Madryn has an important economic activity; produces aluminum and has an intense fishing and tourist activity. Its wide and quiet beaches are valued in the southern summer where the temperature is ideal to enjoy without the burden of the heat of other provinces.
Puerto Madryn is the city that houses visitors to take tours to Valdes Peninsula. Another characteristic of the city to take into account when sightseeing is that it contains wildlife worth appreciating; Whales, sea lions and elephants, penguins, numerous birds, guanacos and other terrestrial species can be seen in this Natural Reserve of 360 thousand hectares where there are almost no other inhabitants.

Pinguins in Punta Tombo

Puerto Madryn has a small colony of Welsh descendants, who come from a group of 153 Welsh who arrived on June 28, 1865 to settle in the city.
The activities that can be carried out are diving, enjoying the day in the Patagonian countryside, eating fat-free Patagonian lamb and other specialties such as octopus.
At 17 km is Punta Loma, an incredible wildlife reserve, of sea lions. Once a year, in the month of November, the Municipality organizes the National Lamb Festival a unique occasion to eat a delicious Patagonian lamb, roasted on the stake or disc without fat and with its lean meat.

Whale’s Watching in Peninsula valdez

It is the only place in the world where you can dive and interact with sea lions at the same time.
Among the activities related to contact with nature, which can be done in the Golfo Nuevo, in front of Puerto Madryn in Puerto Pirámides, you can watch the southern right whale.
Gastronomy of Puerto Madryn
The dishes of the gastronomy of Puerto Madryn have to do with the animals that are raised in the province, such as Patagonian lamb, sheep and sea animals such as shellfish. Red fruits are also abundant in the province of Chubut. Some typical dishes that can be tasted in Puerto Madryn are: Patagonian lamb on the stake, seafood paella, capon disc roast, octopus empanadas, flambéed sheep’s milk dulce de leche or pancakes with red berries and Welsh cake.

Trevelín Tourism
Located in Argentine Patagonia, Trevelín is a small town with Patagonian charm among the green mountain ranges of the province of Chubut. Trevelin is located within the October 16 Valley, which is part of the upper Futaleufú river basin of 738,000 hectares. Trevelin, comes from the Welsh word that means (Tre-Pueblo and Velin-Molino) lies between spontaneous forests (native), lakes and mountains, fertile valleys are located, being the most important of the entire mountain region.

Visit Trevelin in Patagonia

What to visit in Trevelin?
The picturesque city, located 25 kilometers from Esquel and 1,900 from Buenos Aires, is the entrance to Los Alerces National Park.
The closest access from the town is the South Cover, which is located about 15 kilometers from Trevelin and which is the entrance to the Futaleufú hydroelectric plant, where a guided visit is made to the engine room, and everything that is the corridor from Route 34, which connects with the rural area Aldea Escolar.
“After Trevelin, 24 kilometers away is the Portada Centro, which we share with Esquel, which is 42 kilometers away, so we are in the middle,” explained the local Secretary of Tourism, Juan Manuel Peralta, in a talk with Télam. Trevelin, with its 9,000 inhabitants, is located about 1,900 kilometers from Buenos Aires and 30 from the Esquel airport.
The Nant Fach museum is one of these wonderful attractions that tourists can visit located 22 kilometers from the center of Trevelín, through their visit they can learn about the different instruments that the Welsh settlers used in their daily lives. The museum shows the Welsh lifestyle of the late nineteenth century, so its architectural design is based on the shape of a mill as a replica of the old mills used by the inhabitants of Patagonia as a way to increase trade and the industry.
The tea houses, which can be visited in Trevelin are an important heritage of Welsh culture, and for this reason they offer their visitors the opportunity to taste the traditional teas made with the finest Patagonian herbs, as well as sweets, cakes, breads. and other delicacies with an undeniable Welsh flavor.

More Tourist information of Trevelin
In Trevelín, visitors will be able to enjoy a unique ecosystem and adventure, they can enjoy numerous recreational and sports activities such as fishing, bicycle rides, excursions through the mountains and also guided walks through the parks that can provide a showy of animals typical of the area, and an extensive fauna that indisputably perplexes more than one.
In addition, this town is a starting point to visit other nearby sites that offer numerous important places in Patagonia to visit: Los Alerces National Park, the extensive Futalaufquen lakes, the ingenious Futaleufú dam and the imposing Nant and Fall waterfalls. .
In addition, Trevelin has a series of tourist attractions, both for its Welsh past -there are schools where the language is taught, churches and the traditional Eisteddfod festival, on May 1 and 2-, as well as for the Mapuche and Tehuelche peoples.
The name alludes to that productive vision of the Welsh settlers who brought with them all the flour production, so much so that there were 22 mills in the town, although today only the Andes (municipal) and the Nat Fall by Mervyn Evans are preserved as museums.