Updated Tourist information of Argentina before your trip

What place to visit in Argentina?

Among so many spectacular places that Argentina has, it is difficult to choose one to visit. The city of Buenos Aires is a must for its historical, architectural, artistic and gastronomic interest. The majesty of the Perito Moreno glacier and its impressive ice falls are worth the trip to Argentine Patagonia. The beautiful Iguazú Falls, on the border with Brazil, are another must-see destination in Argentina.

Ushuaia Patagonia

What places to visit in summer in Argentina?

The beaches of Mar del Plata are one of the favorite tourist destinations for Argentines in summer. Bariloche is a popular place, both in winter and in summer. In winter, for its ski centers and, in summer, because its forests and lakes are in all their splendor. Mendoza, with its wines, wineries, and dining experiences, is another popular summer destination. The icy regions in the south of the country, such as Tierra del Fuego, have more pleasant climates in summer.

What is there to do in Buenos Aires?

Before or after visiting the most emblematic neighborhoods of Buenos Aires and its main attractions, such as the Plaza de Mayo, the Casa Rosada, the Caminito, the La Bombonera stadium and the Palermo Hippodrome, there are two things that you cannot miss. enjoy in the city: a night of tangos and a great barbecue. Unless you’re vegan, you have to pack a good roast strip with one of Mendoza’s great reds. In Buenos Aires there are plenty of tanguerías to immerse yourself in the beauty and passion of this music and dance, which are symbols of Argentina.

Buenos Aires

How long is summer in Argentina?

When in the northern hemisphere it is winter, in the south it is summer and vice versa. When in the north it is spring, in the south it is autumn and vice versa. Argentina is responsible for the summer of the southern hemisphere, which lasts approximately between December 21 and March 21. Mexicans traveling to Argentina in December or January will be glad they don’t have to pack a heavy coat.

What is the climate of Argentina?

Argentina is a country with many thermal floors due to its territories at sea level, at high altitudes in the Andes mountain range and at extreme southern latitudes. When in Mar del Plata, on the Atlantic coast, it is 20 ° C in summer, in the southern city of Ushuaia the thermometer is reading around 8 ° C. In Buenos Aires, located almost at sea level, the average temperature in winter is 12 ° C, while in Mina Pirquitas, at 4,147 meters above sea level, it is zero degrees.

What are the tourist routes in Argentina?

Greater Buenos Aires, with its 48 neighborhoods and 14 million inhabitants, is a tourist route in its own right. The Mendoza Wine Route, with its four wine regions and more than 100 wineries, is another essential tourist route. Lovers of high altitudes have the Puna de Catamarca and its 14 six-thousand peaks. The Blue Route, facing the ocean, between Chubut and Santa Cruz, is of spectacular beauty.

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When are the holidays in Argentina?

In Argentina, summer vacations run between mid-December and early March. In winter there are other short vacations, called winter break in the school calendar, which last around 11 days, generally during the second half of July.

What is the most visited tourist place in Argentina

Argentina is the second most visited country in Latin America, after Mexico, receiving 6.8 million foreign tourists annually (data from 2017). The most visited tourist places in the country are Buenos Aires, the Iguazú Falls, the city of Salta, the Perito Moreno glacier and the cities of Bariloche, Ushuaia and Mendoza.

Unexploited tourist attractions in Argentina

In its vast territory, Argentina has beautiful places that have been little exploited by tourism. Many of these sites are in national parks lacking tourism infrastructure precisely to preserve them. If you are looking for “hidden” destinations in Argentina, some are the Black Desert of Mendoza, the Viedma glacier, the Arizaro salt flat, the Telampaya canyon, the Piedra Pómez de Catamarca field, the Miter peninsula, the Valdés peninsula and the estuary. Wanted.

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The most beautiful places in Argentina to vacation

The beaches of Mar del Plata are full of tourists during the summer holidays. Bariloche is a destination of incomparable beauty in any season, with its lakes, forests and mountains covered with snow in winter. With its climate favored by its location at the foot of the Andes mountain range and its vineyards, Mendoza is a fantastic vacation destination. The city of El Calafate, on the shores of Lake Argentino and near the Perito Moreno glacier, is another beautiful place to spend a few days on vacation.

Tourist places of Argentina with beach

The main Argentine sea resorts are in the province of Buenos Aires, highlighting Mar del Plata, Mar de las Pampas, Cariló, Villa Gessel, Claromecó and Monte Hermoso. Other magnificent Argentine beaches are Balneario Las Grutas, in Patagonia (Río Negro), and Puerto Madryn, the gateway to the Valdés peninsula (Chubut).

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Cheap tourist places in Argentina

Buenos Aires can offer an inexpensive vacation, choosing suitable accommodation, eating deliciously in its popular restaurants, traveling intensively on the subway and buses, and visiting free attractions, such as the historic center, the Caminito alley and the La Boca neighborhood, the Recoleta cemetery, the Bosques de Palermo and the San Telmo antique market. The Casa Rosada Museum, the National Historical Museum and the Immigration Museum are free to enter.