Some must-see coffees in Buenos Aires

Going back in time in Buenos Aires is simple, and more so when accompanied with a cup of coffee. We tell you how to do it by visiting some of the notable bars that Reina del Plata has.

Tortoni coffee
Traditional, it could not stop being located on the emblematic Avenida de Mayo. Entering the Tortoni café is entering the time machine and transporting yourself nonstop to the golden days of Buenos Aires. It was a refuge for many of the most prestigious artists, journalists and writers. An essential stop whether for a coffee or to listen to one of his recurring tango shows in the lounge.

The Black Cat
With its stained glass window we realize that it is not just a vintage coffee, since it allows us to glimpse a little of its essence. In its excellent location on Corrientes Avenue, one can pause whatever the time of day. In the Black Cat, we can buy tea in strands of the most different varieties that one can imagine, as well as its traditional and outstanding spices that transcended its counters to be sold at different points throughout the country.

The connecting rod
On the corner of Junín and Quintana, in the Recoleta neighborhood, is La Biela. Its name is due to the fact that it was originally the meeting house of the Argentine Association of Sport Automobiles. Meeting place of the Buenos Aires aristocracy, they had coffee there from “Bitito” Mieres, the Formula 1 racer, passing by writers such as Jorge Luis Borges and Julio Cortazar, to the very Kings of Spain.

There are those who choose it for its exquisite exterior with that right balance of shade for summer afternoons and warm rays of sun for winter mornings. Others prefer it for its spacious room full of paintings that tell stories of its origins, to feel that they breathe the same air as all the notable visitors that this café has had.

Angelitos Cafe
With over a hundred years on the corner of Rivadavia and Rincón avenue, this café was the seat of the most brilliant tango artists in Argentina. Here you can enjoy not only a relaxed chat in the same corner that Carlos Gardel frequented, but an extraordinary dinner next to one of the best tango shows in the city of Buenos Aires.

The Violets
Tea time in the Almagro neighborhood is, without a doubt, synonymous with Las Violetas. With its traditional tea ceremony, with select fine doughs, cakes and puddings, it is one of the first options when making a birthday meeting. There is never a place on Sunday, and that means that Las Violetas is still alive.